APS Regatta Sponsorship Program



APS Regatta Sponsorship Program

APS is proud to support the sailing community by way of the APS Regatta Sponsorship Program. Rather than spending our entire sponsorship budget on a few 'high profile' events, we choose to support a wide variety of local, regional, and national regattas. Each level of sponsorship provides 5 gift certificates, banner(s), and APS stickers in amounts proportional to the size of the event. Levels of sponsorship: 15 Boat minimum, 35 boat minimum, and 50 boat minimum.

Only legitimate, score-keeping, on-the-water sailboat regattas will be considered for sponsorship.

To be considered for APS sponsorship, at least 3 weeks in advance of the event:

The event organizer should email the following information to Sail@APSltd.com

  • Regatta name
  • Event date(s)
  • Event website or event calender listing the regatta
  • Organizer's name 

APS will, in a reply email, send a Sponsorship Application to the event organizer.


APS sponsorship is only available in the continental United States.
Regatta participants may only receive one gift certificate per regatta.
Only legitimate on-the-water sailboat regattas with score keeping will be considered for sponsorship.