ReviveX High-Tech Fabric Cleaner, 10oz

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ReviveX High-Tech Fabric Cleaner is designed to clean technical fabrics safely, without leaving behind residues or affecting water repellency. Keep your skiwear, rainwear and waterproof-breathable garments free of dirt and oils, which typically impact fabric performance.

Key Features:

  • Gentle, low sudszing, detergent
  • 4x concentrated formula cleans 20 garments
  • Cleans high-tech synthetic fabrics, including insulation, soft-shell and GORE-TEX® garments
  • Restores breathability and warmth.
  • Necessary prep before re-waterproofing your gear
  • Gentle cleaner free of fragrances, softeners and optical brighteners
  • Will not leave behind residues or impact breathability
  • Removes dirt, smoke and oils without diminishing water repellency
  • Washing machine compatible
  • Made in USA
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