Sailing Dry Suits, Wet Suits and Wet Wear

Dry suits, wet suits, and wetwear are designed primarily for dinghy or sportboat sailing in cool to cold weather. Dry suits are waterproof and breathable. They are completely water tight and keep you dry if you capsize and end up in the water. It is a one-piece, breathable waterproof shell with latex or neoprene seals around the wrists and neck; and has waterproof socks and entry zippers. Wetsuits are made of various weights of neoprene, each with their own insulating properties. The thicker the neoprene the warmer the suit is. Wetwear is generally made of polyester, Spandex or Lycra. Both wetsuits and wetwear provide a flexible insulation layer. If you end up in the water, a thin layer of water gets into the suit, and is trapped between you and the suit, keeping you warm while wet.


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