Sailing Dry Suit Seals and Maintenance

Basic maintenance is essential to keep your dry suit waterproof and breathable; and the seals and zipper in good working condition. Wrist, neck and bootie seals made of natural latex rubber will degrade with age, use and exposure to the elements; or can be torn unexpectedly.  Latex seal conditioner protects and extends seal life.  Dry suit zipper cleaners and lubricants, which should be used frequently, make the zippers easy to operate and will maintain their useful life.  Replacement seals and adhesives are available for home repair of latex seals.  To maintain the optimum breathability of your dry suit, reapply the durable water repellent (DWR) coating on the outside of your suit.  Minor rips and cuts in neoprene dry suit seals can be repaired with neoprene patch kits.


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