Sailing Hiking Pants, Belts, and Harnesses

Hiking pants, belts and harnesses are used in a range of sailing situations. Various crew positions on different sizes and types of boats will require specific gear. On large keelboats, to safely get up the mast you will need either a bosun’s chair or a mast harness. Droop harnesses are built specifically for hiking out on Stars, Snipes and other boats where hiking puts major strain on knees and backs. Similarly, droop hiking suits offer more padding coverage than the typical hiking suit and are favored by Star, Finn, and Soling sailors for back of leg and butt protection. On keelboats where hiking out requires leaning your body forward off a lifeline, hiking belts add a layer of comfort to your midsection.  Hiking shorts and pants come in a range of men’s, women’s and junior’s styles with thigh protection through padding and stiff batten supports, designed for competitive dinghy sailing. Protective Spandex and Lycra layers can accompany hikers for extra skin protection. Trapeze harnesses and accessories, also designed for dinghies, are available. If you are offshore sailing, you will definitely need a harness (often paired with inflatable lifejacket), tether and jackline to keep you safe and secured to the boat.


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