Kaenons Support Olivia Constants Foundation



Help APS & Kaenon support the Olivia Constants Foundation.


This year APS is honored to contribute to a cause very near and dear to the hearts of many Annapolitans and sailors around the world. For each pair of pink logo Kaenon sunglasses sold, APS and Kaenon will each donate 10% of profits to the OCF. 


The Olivia Constants Foundation was started after Olivia lost her life in a tragic sailing accident. The OCF is guided by the belief that the qualities that Olivia exhibited; her sweet disposition, her kindness, and her love for others, was her gift to us and we like to share that gift with others in her name. The OCF seeks to maximize its impact by providing scholarships and grants to individuals and organizations which reflect the spirit of Olivia, especially in efforts that enhance the positive quality of individual, family, and community life. Read more at:  http://www.oliviaconstants.org/


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