Gill Pro Gloves, Short Finger

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One of the toughest sailing gloves on the market, the Fingerless Gill Pro Gloves has been redesigned for extra comfort. Tough Proton Ultra-XD material palm and fingers provides a  long wearing but soft glove.

These gloves feature exposed fingertips to ensure superior dexterity. Seamless Dura-Grip fabric on the lower palm provides a reliable grip without compromising flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Proton-Ultra XD palm and fingers for durability
  • Dura-Grip fabric on lower palm for excellent grip
  • Pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape
  • Seamless construction on fingers for durability
  • Wide neoprene wristband with stretch
  • Exposed fingertips for maximum dexterity
  • Durable 2-way stretch woven fabric on back for more flexibility, UV 50+ water repellent protection
  • Inside facing wrist closure prevents accidental starting of watch
  • Offset finger seams remove pressure points and help reduce wear
  • Wraparound palm protection eliminates uncomfortable side seams and provides complete wear protection
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Recommended Use All Sailing
Material / Fabric Nylon, Polyurethane
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Video Transcript

This is the Gill Pro glove. This is the top performer in the Gill range. This is their fingerless version. On the back I've got a four-way stretch quick-dry material here, and then around the wrist I've got neoprene all the way around. The nice thing about the neoprene is it's very soft, it's flexible, but it also always wants to lie flat, so your glove will not be rolling up on you. Adjuster down here using a soft rubber tab. This is very flexible, simple adjustment with the Velcro. Then, just a couple of things up here. You'll notice that the fingers a little bit longer and they've got these tabs for a little extra protection, and then this material is the proton and it is a very durable abrasion resistant material, and they've wrapped that through the fingers. But they've taken little darts here, so when you go to flex your fingers you're not fighting this material, which is not very stretchy at all.

They've taken the proton through the fingers here, but here they've added some nice soft synthetic leather called Amara, so it's very comfortable in that joint, now you don't get all that extra bunching. Then on the palm in addition to the proton we have the duragrip material, which is seamlessly sewn on. It's got a bit of a texture, it's a little bit rubbery, so it adds a friction factor, if you will, when you're trying to hold onto the lines, so that wraps all the way around the palm and to here. This is the Pro Glove fingerless version by Gill.