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  • Gill Dinghy/Trapeze Boots

    Gill Dinghy/Trapeze Boots



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  • Fusion Socks - Boot Sock

    Fusion Socks - Boot Sock



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  • Neil Pryde Elite Evolution Boot

    Neil Pryde Elite Evolution Boot

  • Sperry Waterproof SeaHiker Boot

    Sperry Waterproof SeaHiker Boot

  • ZhikGrip Race Hiking Boot

    ZhikGrip Race Hiking Boot

  • Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoe - Black

    Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoe - Black



    40% OFF

  • Gill Performance  Shoe (Aqua Tech Shoe)

    Gill Performance Shoe (Aqua Tech Shoe)



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  • Submerge Socks - Waterproof

    Submerge Socks - Waterproof

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Items 1-16 of 92

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More information on our Footwear Section: 

Put your best foot foward! A vital part of safe movement on a boat, sailing footwear is a crucial part of your apparel. Sailing footwear extends beyond the traditional shoe to lines of boots, sandals, flip flops and socks designed to wick away moisture and retain warmth. Though the type and style of sailing shoe varies based on the trip, sailing socks are intended to optimize dry foot comfort regardless of conditions for the avid sailor. Boots and sailing footwear are offered in models constructed to perform specific tasks on a boat and in all-purpose designs. The most important characteristics of sailing foowear are water-resistance, durable soles, comfort and breathability.


APS carries all of the best deck shoes from all the best brands. Check out our boat shoe product offererings from Dubarry, Musto, Sperry, Gill, Astral, Rainbow, Adidas, and Zhik.  

Sailing Boots:

Sailing boots are constructed of heavy-duty, waterproof materials with rubber-compound, non-slip soles. There are many styles of boots available, though generally divided into two categories: offshore boots and dinghy hiking boots. Tall Offshore boots are intended to keep feet dry while maintaining footing in an extremely wet environment. They come high on the calf and optimize warmth. Offshore Sea boots are intended to keep the sailor in place despite undesirable conditions, with waterproof liners fitting snugly around the calf area. Also avaible in Women's offshore boot styles. Hiking boots are constructed of much more flexible materials, though highly reinforced in areas that see lots of contact. Dinghy Hiking boots are intended to keep the sailor comfortable throughout a day of hiking on a vessel. Many models are designed to complement other hiking accessories produced by the same manufacturer, for a premium outfit of hiking apparel. 

Flip Flops and Sandals

Sailing sandals and flip-flops are the least significant items in terms of material and functionality, intended for a sailor's casual use in optimal conditions. Sailing flip flops and sandals are constructed of quick-drying material and place emphasis on traction to prevent slippage. Many models come with heel cups and innovative strap arrangements to promote a secure fit on the foot. The wide, non-slip sole is an effective tool for preventing slips on a vessel in calm water.

Junior Boots & Shoes

Find the perfect boots for your Junior or high school sailor. 

Rubber Deck Boots:

 These boots are great to stash down below and breakout for that afternoon rain shower. Great rubber wellies with the added bonus of a non-slip grip sole.

Sailing Shoes

Sport sailing shoes are designed with an emphasis on function. Sport sailing provide safe movement and flexibility of the foot in an environment where balance and stability are vital. The sole and outsole of a sport sailing shoe are equally critical to comfort and safety as the breathability and drainage system. Sailing shoes must be designed to expel water that manages to penetrate any existing water-resistant design. Soles and outsoles are designed to maximize traction and provide grip over a large surface area. The most innovative products offered will use a combination of materials that promote breathability, durability and comfort to keep the foot dry and clear of debris. Ideal for both the keelboat racer or cruiser, athletic style sailing shoes have become a very popular choice. Lightweight, breathable and offered in a variety of styles and colors, sailing shoes prevent slipping and sliding on the deck. Also availblae in Women's sailing shoe styles.

Socks - Woven, Gore-Tex and Neoprene

Protecting your feet is a top priority in boating. You can have great shoes or boots, but non of that matters if you don't have the proper socks on when sailing. Whether it's winter or summer, the right socks can make or break your comfort on the boat. APS carries exactly what you need for the proper conditions from Gore-Tex to neoprene to wool.

Traditional Deck Shoes

Casual, all purpose deck shoes usually emphasize style while providing comfort, durability, water-resistance and a non-marking sole. The non-marking sole is an integral part of the design for boaters to prevent scuffing along the decks of their vessel. These classic style deck shoes look great on the dock, on the boat, or just around town. Long lasting leather and thick non-slip rubber soles make these marine shoes practical and stylish.

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