Dinghy Hiking and Trapeze Boots

Hiking and trapeze boots are used on small boats and racing dinghies. They are constructed of flexible materials and reinforced in areas that see lots of contact. Dinghy boots come in two basic styles: neoprene based or solid rubber. Both types of boot are flexible, non-marking and grippy. These boots are flexible so that they move with the foot, allowing sailors to hook into hiking straps or hike out on a trapeze system. Dinghy boots keep the sailor comfortable throughout a day of hiking. Rubber boot styles offer the benefit of being waterproof, while neoprene boots allow water to move through them. Neoprene styles tend to hug the foot and ankle more securely than the rubber boots.  Neoprene offer padding and insulation making them especially good for winter and cooler weather sailing.  Rubber boots protect the foot but offer no insulation and are best suited for warm to cool weather sailing.


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