Sailing Socks - Woven, Gore-Tex and Neoprene

Whether it's winter or summer, the right socks can make or break your comfort on the boat. Though the type and style of sailing shoe vary based on the type and level of sailing, sailing socks are intended to optimize dry foot comfort regardless of conditions. There is a wide range of materials and weights to choose from when choosing the best sock. We offer options to keep you comfortable, warm and dry under your boots, sailing shoes, or dry suit. Sock liners, wool socks, and athletic socks are worn as a moisture-wicking layers, and warmth will be determined by thickness. Socks made from of neoprene are designed to insulate, while Gore-tex socks keep your feet dry. 


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  1. Gill Neoprene Sock
    As low as $22.46
  2. Smartwool Socks - Sock Liner
    As low as $11.95
  3. Wigwam Cool-Lite Pro Quarter Socks
    As low as $11.00
  4. Hanz Submerge Socks - Waterproof
    As low as $39.95
  5. Smartwool Socks - Light Crew Insulated
    As low as $17.98
  6. Smartwool Socks - Heavy Crew Insulated
    As low as $20.95
  7. Gill Midweight Sock
    As low as $14.96
  8. Wigwam Cool-Lite Pro Low-Cut Socks
    As low as $10.00
  9. Gill NeoSkin Socks
    As low as $22.46
  10. Wigwam Cool-Lite Pro Crew Socks
    As low as $13.00
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