Selden CX25 Code Zero Furler

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The Selden Code X furlers can be used to control Code 0, Gennakers, and Stay Sails, making sail-handling safe, quick and stress free.

This system is operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver. The Code X has a narrow line guide fitting which leads the line on to the line driver providing a strong and secure grip. A wedge shaped line stripper separates the rope from the line driver when unfurling the sail. This allows the line driver to spin freely. The furling line is usually led back to the cockpit but as an alternative, the line can be kept short for race boats with foredeck crew.

Seld�n has a custom Tandem-block made up of a fiddle block with two cam cleats to aid in handling the endless control line. Impact resistant composite cover around the line driver keeps the line in order and prevents damage to the boat when handling the system on deck. The line guide fitting can be adjusted to one of 15 positions. All structural parts are made of high-strength Duplex steel which has a 50% higher breaking load than 316 steel. This means less material and lower weight. A unique rubber fender on the halyard swivel prevents abrasion to the mast.

Selden provides several accessories for their furling systems that offer options for proper installation, ease of use and maintaining proper functioning of all hardware involved in a Code X furling system.

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Color Black
Max Sail Area (Sq. M) 115
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