Ronstan Skiff Shorts 3mm/2mm

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Newly redesigned Ronstan Skiff Shorts are now more flexible, lower weight, and more comfortable than before. Built with a combination of high-performance materials with unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities.

Features high-stretch fabrics to increase comfort and flexibility. They are soft to the touch and have the ability to hold and regain the wetsuit’s desired shape.

Ronstan wetsuits use a combination of thicknesses, 3mm and 2mm, placing thinner material in the areas requiring the most flexibility.

Key Features:

  • 3mm and 2mm neoprene with water repellent soft brushed lining
  • Lightweight, warm and comfortable in any weather
  • Slim fit designed to be next to skin
  • Elasticized drawstring waist for reduced bulk and extra comfort
  • Abrasion resistant Supratex seat
  • Padded hiking panels at back of thighs
  • High waist for lower back coverage
  • Superstretch Neospan side panels provide continual comfort and compression during muscle expansion while hiking
  • Glide skin leg openings minimize water ingression
  • Made with environmentally friendly non-petroleum based material
More Information
Features Breathable, Water Repellent
Recommended Use Dinghy Racing
Material / Fabric Neoprene
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Video Transcript

This is the Ronstan Skiff Shorts made of 3 and 2 mm neoprene. Nice piece. They've got a lot going on here. So neoprene throughout so adding a little bit of insulation and a little bit of just all round padding. You'll notice that the back is high cut, so when you're bending over, you're not exposing your lower back as much and then they've used smooth skin neoprene all the way on the inside here so two things are happening. Number one, that sitting against your skin, it doesn't want to move around, and it's also if you're in a lot of spray, not allowing as much water into this. And then I have a drawstring with elastic in the front here.

Working down the back, nice supple reinforced seat through here and then in this area they have sewn in additional neoprene so it's thicker here, so you've got more padding on the backside of your legs.

In the crotch area, they've used the smaller or thinner 2 mm so there's more stretch in the crotch area. And then down here on the legs, they've used this soft hemmed material so it's very comfortable against the skin and again, it's also sealing better against your skin to keep water from moving up through the shorts.

These are the Ronstan Skiff Shorts.