Spinlock Deckvest LITE PLUS Lifejacket

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The Spinlock Deckvest PLUS is an ultra lightweight, low profile, super comfortable inflatable lifejacket with harness. Perfect for the around the buoys, inshore sailing or coastal racer looking for a life jacket comfortable enough for all day wear.

Simple and easy to use, it has a side entry and soft rear molding straps for added protection. Also includes a built-in whistle.

Key Features:

  • 170N (38lbs) lifejacket, automatic inflation
  • Integrated deck safety harness
  • Ultra lightweight, low profile design with simple side donning
  • Straps with soft rear molding reduce twisting and aid adjustment
  • Single crotch strap with recessed clip reduces risk of snagging
  • Attachment point for chest pack
  • Attachment for Pylon Light
  • Attachment for sprayhood
  • Easily converts to 'manual only' firing with a Manual Conversion Kit
  • 5 year warranty including Spinlock ins Through Life Support (TLS)
  • CE Approved / ISO 12402-3 Lifejacket
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Video Transcript

This is the US Coast Guard approved Deckvest LITE by Spinlock.  This is an inflatable PFD. Styles come with or without a Harness (Lite Plus with). It's auto-inflate. It's really light and, let's see, here's with the manual deployment. I've got a buckle here that I'm going to open up for getting into this. It's a one-size-fits-all. I just pull that, pull that tight.

It has a crotch strap that I could deploy. I pull that through my legs and I would snap it here, and then I could adjust the crotch strap and I could also adjust this strap, such that I'm cinching the vest, making it a part of me. That way if I go in the water, it's not going to ride up. It's going to stay in place.

Now I've got it deployed. I've blown it up using the manual inflator, and you can see the auto-inflator is located right here. This is a Coast Guard approved PFD. It has a paper cartridge inside of here, so if water were to go into this it would soften the paper and allow the trigger to go off and puncture this and inflate vest. It's designed so that the water has to travel up, so water that's just sheeting off of you tends to not be an issue in terms of having false inflation.

You see I've got reflective tape all the way around. I've got my safety whistle right here. If I wanted to put a strobe light on, whether it's a Spinlock Pylon or another, I would strap that on right here. This is 170 Newtons of flotation. That's considerable, so I feel quite safe going onto the water with this on.