Tylaska Spool Shackle 3/16 - 5mm

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Using Tylaska's Spool Shackles instead of a bowline knot is easier to do than to describe how to use them to attach a looped end of line to a jib, genoa, or asymmetric clew ring. Run the appropriately-sized loop through the open center of the spool and through the clew ring or halyard splice. Insert the retaining pin so that it separates both of the folded parts running through the center of the spool. Double the line back around the spool, peel back the loop around the top and the bottom of the spool, and then snug the モO in ring to the side of the loop and spool. It's a bit like starting the first crochet loop. ailors have been using them for years on asymmetric spinnaker sheets and they are holding when they need to hold. It is a lot easier to モbreak their backs in and untie them than it is to untie a bowline after they have been under load. The spool shackle works with conventional and high-tech line.

The T5 is made of high-strength aluminum and has a breaking strength of 5,000 pounds. It is meant to be used with 3/16 in. (5mm) line.

More Information
Color Black
Breaking Load (lbs) 5000
Breaking Load (kg) 2273
Max Line Size (in) 3/16
Max Line Size (mm) 5
Safe Working Load (lbs) 2500
Safe Working Load (kg) 1135
Weight (oz) 0.5
Weight (g) 14.2
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