Sta-Lok Swageless Fork End 1/4 Wire

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Sta-Lok's Self Fit Terminal is the reusable alternative to swag. It is easy to install on right hand or left hand lay wire rope with basic hand tools.

It is made of high-strength, grade 316 stainless steel and packed for 1x19 wire as a standard. Different wedges are available to terminal 7-strand and compacted wire ropes.

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Color Black
(A) Inches 1-3/16
(A) mm 30.2
(B) Inches 7/8
(B) mm 22.2
(C) Inches 5/8
(C) mm 15.9
(D) Inches 7/16
(D) mm 11.1
Wire Size (in) 1/4
Wire Size (mm) 6
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