Stainless Wear & Tear Pad 6 x 2 In.

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When you have large area chafing issues turn to the Stainless Wear and Tear Pads by YEW Enterprise. These 2 in wide strips protect your Gelcoat against chafing of sheets and furling lines with an ultra-thin marine grade stainless steel. With a self-adhesive backing they are easy to apply and are a lot nicer to look at than other solutions. Works great for use in your cockpit or cabin sides.


  • Size: 6 in. x 2 in.
  • Materials: Marine grade stainless steel
  • Thickness: 0.002 in. (0.05mm)
  • Other: Ultra-thin, flexible, fitted with self-adhesive double sided backing, attaches semi permanently to any flat or curved Gelcoat or varnished surface

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Check out APS's review of Yew Enterprises Ltd's inWearAndTear in Anti-Chafe Padsfor an in-depth look!

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If you check out the reviews online, you’ll see how many boaters out there love Anti-Chafe Pads APS is excited to add these techy-looking new things to our product offering.

It’s true there are various marine tapes out there designed to solve the same problem. However, with a special fade-into-fantasy effect, imagine the like concept made of a Marine grade 301 stainless steel that’s a miniscule 0.002″ (0.05mm) thick. This is the kind of product that proves its merit over time. Note - you'll have to pay a little more for these than you would the tape, but the nicer look makes it worth it.

Not only do the WearAndTear pads protect chafe- vulnerable areas on your gelcoat or varnished areas, they also work to cover up damage.

Measuring 2” wide and 6” long for Type A - 9” (225mm) long for Type B – these extremely thin pads provide a long lasting solution to that unsightly damage caused by chafe and ropeburn.

A special double-sided tape adheres the pads to flat or curved gelcoat/varnished surfaces. The WearAndTear stainless steel pads are flexible to a point, but are unable to stretch to accommodate complex shapes. This means your best bet is to use them on straight sections of cabin houses and cockpit sides. You can also pre-form these pads before removing backing tape for applications involving radii of less than 1”.

WearAndTear pads don’t come off as a result of warm weather or direct sunlight. You’d need a hairdryer for that…