Schaefer System 3100 Furler w/o StaLok - 5/8" Wire

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With over 25 years of furling experience, Schaefer has cultivated a jib furling and reefing system that is not only durable but easy to control, smooth and dependable.

The large diameter drum in System 3100 increases the power to reef large headsails in heavy winds. Low-friction bearing inserts eliminate metal-to-metal headstay contact for less noise and easier turning. Stainless heli-coil inserts insure that you'll be able to take the furler apart, even after years on salt water. Schaefer's system utilizes you existing headstay and turnbuckle resulting in full turnbuckle adjustability, optimum performance at a reduced cost. The heavy duty base toggle articulates to absorb side loads that might otherwise cause turnbuckle fatigue. The Torlon bearings used will not corrode and ride in open, easily accessible races that do not require lubrication. These proven, high compression strength bearings provide low friction, and need only periodic flushing with fresh water. Powerful, large diameter drums provide you with the mechanical advantage you need for high sailing loads. Standard split drum plates allow for easy conversion to a full length headsail.

Schaefer's CNC machined metal construction resists ultraviolet rays and abuse from anchor chains and poles mounted near the stemhead fitting.

More Information
Color Black
Rod Size (diameter) -12
Rod Size (mm) 7.14
StaLok Length (in) 3-1/4
StaLok Length (mm) 83
System Length (ft) 64' 7-1/2"
System Length (m) 19.7
Wire Size (in) 5/16
Wire Size (mm) 8
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