Teflon Tape (PTFE), 4" x 54"

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This Teflon rigging tape made by Dynaglide was specifically designed for marine applications. UV resistant pressure sensitive tape this is backed with a high-temperature silicone adhesive. It is made of a tensilized film that provides higher tensile strength and lower elongation for improved performance.

At 3.5 mils (1/1000ths of an inch) of an inch thick, it's perfect for wrapping around really tight radius bits that need to be ultra-slippery or, used in extremely thin areas where you just don't have enough room. For instance, it can be use on the tuff luff so that your asymmetric spinnaker sheets aren't caught while gybing, or on turnbuckles, in hatch slide tracks, stays, spreader tips and batten pockets for smoother tacks and gybes in light air.

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