Wichard Proline ElasticTether 1.4m 1 Clip + 1 Loop

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The Wichard Proline Elastic Tether 1.4m 1 Clip + 1 Loop is an innovative, customizable piece of equipment ready for offshore safety. In this tether design, Wichard has paid special attention to the ergonomics of the snap hook. It opens easily and the patented V-Nose tip allows it to be clipped on and off one handed.  With the ErgoLock system, the snap hook automatically closes and locks, and it has a wide opening for added ease of use.

With the SmartLoop system, this tether can be added to the WC7031 Wichard Proline Elastic Tether with 2 clips for a double tether. (In place of WC7032 in diagram above.) 

Wichard Proline Tethers have Overload Indicator Stitching, which is stitching that shows when the tether has been used and needs to be replaced. The elastic webbing adds a bit of extra length when needed to move around the boat, and the reflective weave adds visibility at night. 

Wichard Proline Elastic Tethers are built to the ISO 12401:2009 certification that complies with ISAF/World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2016-17.

Key Features:

  • Patented ErgoLockSystem automatically closes and locks the snap hook
  • Locking Indicator
  • Reflective webbing
  • Overload indicator
  • Patented V-nose tip for one-handed hooking and un-hooking
  • Wide opening snap hook
  • Compact, lightweight tether
  • Smartloop allows for customization (double or single tethers)
  • Removable snap hook allows for webbing to be replaced
  • In compliance with ISO 12401:2009 and ISAF OSR regs
  • ProSnap hooks are forged in special aluminum to ensure rustproofness and minimum weight
  • ProLine webbing absorbs little water and dries quickly

Complementary Parts: 

WC7031: 2 ProSnap snap hooks plus elastic webbing; for person >50kg

WC7032: 1 ProSnap snap hook plus flat webbing; for person <50kg

WC7033: 1 ProSnap snap hook plus elastic webbing; for person >50kg 

WC7034: Kit including WC7031 and WC7032

More Information
Recommended Use Overnight Sailing, Offshore Sailing
Length (M) 1.4
Weight (kg) .175
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