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The single-braid construction of Vectrus 12 by YaleCordage takes maximum advantage of the strength, negligible stretch, low weight and downsizing capabilities of Vectran.

The line will not absorb water. Its coating gives this line a great UV stability, and improves abrasion resistance. One of the easiest to splice of all our single braided lines. For better handling and cleating we can cover all or part of the Vectrus 12 with a polyester or hi tech abrasion and heat resistant jacket.

Common Applications:

  • Uncovered: Primaries in cascades, vangs, traveler bridles, trapezes on dinghies. Great as a wire replacement.
  • Covered: Main and headsail halyards, especially on big boats. Afterguys and asymmetrical tack lines.
  • Vectrus 12 has a high melting point, which makes it a good alternative to wire rope.


  • Slippery, fairly stiff line – not for use in clutches or cleats without a cover.

Cover Material: No cover

Core Material: 100% Vectran

  • 100% Vectran LPC (Liquid Crystal Polymer) cores operate at high percentages of its breaking strength with no creep or stretch. Vectran thrives at high loads and will sustain repeated loads more than other high-strength, low-stretch fibers. Vectrus 12 is more tolerant of tighter bending radii in terminations than other high-modulus fibers. Vectran line does not absorb water. The core is coated with MaxiJacket for added abrasion resistance and UV protection when uncovered. A Vectran core not as durable as Dyneema so it is important to regularly inspect stripped halyards for signs of UV or abrasion damage.

End Termination: Cut, then whipped

  • Vectran does not melt. Ends must be whipped to secure.

Spliceable: Yes

  • Easily eye spliced with a 12-Strand Eye Splice.

Strippable: N/A

Size Specifics
Size: InchesSize: MillimetersTensile Strength (lbs.)Weight in Lbs/100 ft.
1/16 1.75 800 0.3
1/8 3 2,000 0.5
5/32 4 3,200 0.8
3/16 5 4,500 1.2
1/4 6 8,000 2.2
5/16 8 11,500 3.3
3/8* 9 16,000 4.7
7/16* 10 21,400 6.3
*Available in Gold color only.
Line Characteristics
 Poor Average Excellent
Cleat/Clutch Holding          
Abrasion Resistance          
Thermal Resistance          
 Low Medium High
Water Absorption          

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More Information
Line Application Main Halyard, Jib/Genoa Halyard, Backstay
Line Construction Single Braid
Core Material Vectran
Can Strip Cover? No
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you some of the characteristics of Vectrus 12 line by Yale Cordage.

This is a single braid of pure Vectran, Vectran being low-stretch, no creep, high working loads, doesn't absorb water, a real workhorse right off the spool. It has a nice braid angle to it. If you wanted to put an eye in it, it would just take a simple 12-strand eye splice. It is available in diameters, quite a range, starting from this little, tiny 1/16" all the way up to a 3/8" diameter.

Some of the applications uncovered would be primaries and cascading bangs, and things of that nature where you don't handle or cleat it, you just have eyes in the end of it. Halyards, main halyard, headsails, we would put a cover, either a polyester or a high tech cover on it in the areas where you would cleat, clutch, winch the line and then leave this end uncovered to keep the weight down. Then, especially for big boats, things like after guys and asymmetrical tack lines. It has a really high melting point so it's a good alternative to wire when you're trying to get the weight down.

Starting with this, this is the 1/16", and again, these are all available in these different colors. They've actually braided this, we have spliced this and we have customers who splice it, if you can see the braid angle, is such that if you're got small enough tools, that you can do eye splices with this, that's the 1/16". The 1/8", and the braid on that, low angle, easy to open up. Okay, moving to 5/32" and up to 3/16". Now we've got 1/4" and 5/16", all this is a little stiff with the coating. After you've used it a while the coatings get kind of softened up and the line becomes a little softer. Then this goes up from 5/16" to 3/8".

This is Vectrus 12 by Yale Cordage. For these and all of your line needs, visit us at APSLTD.com.