Yale Crystalyne Jib or Spin Halyard: 5/16" 110'

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Our APS in-house riggers will expertly splice this Yale Crystalyne Jib or Spinnaker Halyard to order. Pre-specified jib and spin halyards feature a Ronstan snap shackle spliced on the working end, with a stopper ball to protect the shackle from the masthead sheave.The other end has a reeving eye for quick installation.

Ronstan Nicro Snap shackles have excellent corrosion resistance, a swivel bail, and an easy to release snap mechanism.

Yale Crystalyne is our premium halyard option for those who want zero creep. A double braid with a vectran core and polyester cover, Crystalyne is low stretch and high strength. Features Yale’s thin sleeve technology polyester cover, and distinguishable solid colors for quick identification.

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