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Extremely lightweight, comfortable, and the grippiest sailing shoe we offer, the Zhik ZKG Wet Deck Shoe will keep you on deck and looking stylish. With looks like no other sailing shoe out there, you won't want to take them off.

The perforated neoprene upper drains easily, allows for airflow, and dries quickly. The antibacterial inner reduces smell, which is a huge plus after a long day on the water. The patented tread pattern allows for water to flow underneath your feet while you maintain grip on the boat. The shoes are also very flexible, further maximizing the amount of grip you'll have as the contours of your foot can meet more surface area of the deck (or hull if you're trapezing.)

For easy care, just rinse off with fresh water and air dry after use. The Zhik ZKG Wet Deck Shoes can be worn for many types of sailing, and even other water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking. 

Key Features:

  • Durable, flexible rubber sole 
  • Patented zig-zag tread pattern maximizes grip
  • Perforated neoprene upper fabric drains easily, dries quickly, and breathes
  • Supportive, removable insole better feel
  • Non-marking soles
  • Great for many types of sailing and water sports 

*Women should order one size smaller for correct sizing. (1.5 sizes down for half sizes.)

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Features Breathable, Fast Dry
Recommended Use All Sailing
Material / Fabric Neoprene and Rubber
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Logan from Storefront Customer Service takes a look at the Zhik ZKG Shoe.

The Zhik ZKG Deck Shoes are a truly “amphibious” shoe by Zhik.  Purpose built for sailing, the aerated-neoprene wears comfortably both wet and dry.  Neoprene  construction also means the shoe hugs to your foot without being laced up.

Any sailor from Optis to keelboats will enjoy a pair of deck shoes like the ZKG's.  They combine the classic look of “Chuck Taylors” with new-age materials to keep you blister free on a wet ride. So kids at camp that go between swimming and sailing or big boat hikers who hate how crashing waves leave their sneakers soggy, look no further.


The shoe offers superior traction due to the gummy rubber sole and aggressive tread pattern. The non-rigid bottom also helps contour to the deck or un-level surfaces.  Gum doesn't stick to this shoe, this shoe sticks to gum!

From personally sailing in a pair, I think that it wears and flexes just like a dinghy boot, minus the extra material and height.  My normal street shoe is a size 10.5, so without socks, a size 10 fits comfortably and gives a little for wide feet.  ZKG Deck Shoes are at a reasonable price and comes in a variety of colors.






Here's a short follow up from an earlier blog (below) on the Zhik ZKG Deck Shoes...
ZKG Sailing Shoe by Zhik - bottom sole
I wore the new ZKG deck shoes on a J/80 at Charleston Race Week a few weeks back. They were a perfect fit and incredibly lightweight. The shoe strings were a little long and came undone a few times, but because of the built-in tongue, the shoe never came loose. (Just have to double-knot them next time!) The exceptional thing about the ZKGs for me was the grip on the bottom of the shoe. The bottom allowed for a superior grip. It made for easy footing while hoisting the chute and heeling the boat downwind.
The only precaution I can give about the ZKGs is that the sole is not substantial enough when landing on hard objects like cleats and hooks. You will not bounce back from impact!
In all, they worked just fine on the J/80, but I would advise using them sailing on smaller dinghies where grip and swiftness are key.

ZKG Sailing Shoe by Zhik - side view

What luck! The ZKG Shoe sample Zhik sent APS is my exact size, and I get to be first to try them out. These shoes are so comfortable - I'm going to get pair and using them as soon as dinghy season is in full swing!

Zhik unveils their new range of innovative footwear, and it's in the shape of a sneaker! Don't be fooled, this is a super functional sailing shoe made almost entirely of neoprene.

The ZKG Sailing Shoe is super lightweight and bends in every direction. The flexible gum rubber soles give you just the right amount of grip you need for traction on the boat. I've tried these on several times and find them to be one of the most comfortable boat shoes around!

The perforated, breathable neoprene fabric can dry quite quick after a long day on the water. In fact, this shoe is perfect for wearing in wet marine conditions.

The sole features several small drainage holes. This allows water flow out of the shoe to keep your feet comfortable and for the most part, dry.

The tongue on the shoe is sewn into the body so that its sure to stay in place. You just slide them on like any regular wet shoe. Then just tighten up the laces, and the shoe will provide a secure, snug fit around your foot.

The ZKG shoe would be perfect for dinghy sailing. Your choice to wear socks or not - though, I suggest no socks. In the realm of sailing shoe styles and designs, this shoe is by the far the most unique. I love that it has a look similar to a pair of Chuck Taylor's. That combined with the fact that its almost entirely made of neoprene is pretty spectacular.