Zhik ZSkin Hybrid Top Men's

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Zhik's Men's ZSkin Hybrid Top cuts wind chill and maintains insulation with out over heating. For high upper body workloads and warmer conditions, the ZSkin Hybrid top provides targeted warmth on the chest and back panels and combines this with mesh and spandex panels in the arms and side.

ZSkin is built with the lightest, stretchiest and thinnest neoprene available. Experience the unique temperature regulation only possible through this ultra-thin construction.

ZSkin adds a second skin with superior water shedding ability to cut more wind chill.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin 0.3mm neoprene torso panels
  • Spandex arm panels
  • Jersey fabric lining
  • Highly breathable mesh side panels
  • Water shedding skin
  • Temperature regulating
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Super stretchy 4-way stretch fabric
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Features Breathable, Fast Dry
Recommended Use All Sailing
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Video Transcript

This is the Zhik ZSkin Hybrid Top a very unique piece. It is stretch Lycra material throughout here so that you get some sun and abrasion protection and if there's just a little chill out there or it's cool water and you're getting a lot of spray, they're using one of the thinnest neoprenes available. This is a .3 millimeter neoprene so it's really thin, lightweight and the outside is faced so this sheds water on the front and in the back so you get just a little bit of core insulation here but it's really light and easy to move in. Even this neck is such a minimal piece here. Then the back so when you're bending over you can see it's just a little bit longer so you maintain coverage as you're moving around the boat.

This is the Zhik ZSkin Hybrid Top.